quiet revolution wind turbine
quiet revolution wind turbine
vertical axis wind turbines
vertical axis wind turbines

Qr6 Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Key Product Advantages

VAWT Benefits
•Qr6 rotor can use wind from all directions, unlike traditional HAWTs which need to track the wind – therefore maximising efficiency
•A VAWT for the same swept area has a smaller plan area than a HAWT, making it more space efficient. An important consideration when siting on or close to buildings
•The helical swept blades help distribute loads evenly, resulting in minimal vibration making the Qr6 a better option for roof mounts.

•The aerodynamic helical blade design results in smooth, quiet operation.
•Due to the vertical axis geometry of the rotor, the blade tips are close to the axis of rotation and travel a shorter distance per revolution. This results in a lower blade tip speed further reducing noise levels.
•Revolutionary blade tip designed to shed noise.
•Unique aero-elastic blades design captures turbulent wind and absorbs vibration.
Operating wind speeds
•Cut in at sustained 4.5 m/s, safety cut out at 25 m/s
•Survival wind speed 52.5 m/s
•Rotor Speed 100 – 260 RPM
•Minimum recommended annual mean wind speed 5.0 m/s
Control Electronics
•A turbine controller, inverter, ofgem approved electricity meter and protection relay for grid connection are all provided as part of our Control Electronic s Panel
•A three phase grid connection is required. Please contact us if you have requirements for single phase or off grid/battery version.



full details of the Qr6
Please feel free to download our factsheet with full details and diagrams of the Qr6 VAWT
VWT-Power-Qr6-Wind-Turbine-Factsheet (1)[...]
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