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The UK represents one of the best locations in the world for the installation of small wind turbines. Not only is it one of the windiest countries in Europe, but generating energy using small wind allows customers to receive some government incentives. The UK has a large base of quietrevolution turbines today, with over 170 turbines installed in schools and colleges, corporate businesses, government and commercial offices - all generating a proportion of their own energy needs on site and with the unique combination of quiet operation and pleasing aesthetics. The UK's high population density means that there are many sites suitable for installations in "developed" areas, near to people and buildings and along coastlines which present many opportunities to exploit some of the best on-shore wind conditions in Europe.

The incentives apply to every kWh generated, whether exported or used. The rates vary and the scheme makes it easy to claim this incentive. You simply need to advise your electricity supplier, register your turbine and provide readings to your electricity provider. Maximum value is usually realised by using the energy you generate on site - remember you save the cost of the electricity you generate too.

The UK's new Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) ensures turbines and installers in the UK meet suitable standards in order to secure the government incentives. So by selecting a turbine and installer which allows you to claim Government incentives, you will also gain peace of mind that your selection has been rigorously certified. 

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The qr5 has been designed in accordance with the BSEN 61400-2:1996 and has undergone a series of tests for certification.
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