qr5 turbine details

The qr5 was designed in response to increasing demand for wind turbines that work well in environments close to people and buildings.

The elegant helical (twisted) design of the qr5 ensures a robust performance even in turbulent winds. It is also responsible for virtually eliminating noise and vibration.

At five metres high and three metres in diameter, it is compact and easy to integrate, and with just one moving part, maintenance can be limited to an annual inspection.

Clients include major retailers, developers, government departments, schools and universities.

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Three ‘S’ shaped blades are tapered to shed noise

The vertical axis is easy to integrate with existing masts and buildings
The helical (twisted) design captures turbulent winds and eliminates vibration
The blades, spars and torque tube are made of robust carbon fibre, and all moving parts are sealed to minimise maintenance
The direct drive in-line generator has auto-shutdown and peak power tracking and is incorporated into the mast

UK design and patent protected. Patent pending in additional global territories.

turbine specification

Physical dimensions 5.5m tall, 3.1m diameter, 16m2 swept area
Generator Direct drive, mechanically integrated, weather sealed permanent magnet generator
Power control Peak power tracking constantly optimises turbine output for all sites and windspeeds
Power The projected peak power at 16m/s is: 8.5kW aerodynamic; 7.0kW DC; 6.5kW grid
Annual energy yield 4197 kWh at 5m/s to BWEA standards; 
Up to 7,500 kWh at 7m/s
No reduction in power output at up to 40% turbulence intensity.
Operating wind speeds Cut in at sustained 5m/s; Cut out sustained 26m/s
Design life 25 years (annual inspections recommended)
Rotor construction Carbon fibre
Power Regulation and shutdown Power regulation above 13.5m/s wind speed, auto shutdown in high wind speeds (above 26m/s)
Roof mounting 6m mast
Tower mounting 15m or 18m ground mounted
Remote monitoring Event log can be accessed via PC. Remote monitoring stores operation, average wind speeds and kW hours of electricity generated
Warranty Two years on components

The energy output will vary according to the windspeed.

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Environment Energy Centre, Leyland

When considering installing a turbine a customer should consider the following:

  • Vibration – we have researched this issue in depth and deploy systems to reduce vibrations to levels that are not measurable within the building.
  • Aesthetics
  • Safety – we deploy a dual braking system and various sensors to detect faults / out of balance/ impact / vibration etc.
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