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qr5 turbine details
Details of the qr5 turbine model are listed here.

Installation examples
Examples of ground and roof mounted turbines are illustrated in photos.

The quietrevolution turbine has been through a series of testing to obtain our MCS certification. The turbine has also been tested for the affect on radar and airport safety systems.

Over one hundred turbines have been installed in the UK and in International markets. The gallery captures some of those installations.

The faqs try to cover a large number of questions about the turbine, its dimensions and benefits, what is required for installation and its affects on birds, bats and radar. The topics are split into six categories:

qr facts

Key factors when assessing sites:

  • Is there sufficient wind to install a wind turbine?
  • Will the turbine maintain its performance in turbulent environments?
  • Turbines that ‘yaw’ may suffer with frequent changes in wind direction;
  • Is the turbine safe to be located next to the public?
  • Will it disturb neighbours through noise or vibration?
  • Aesthetics – will people like or oppose it?
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