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‘I am truly thrilled that we have achieved MCS certified for our qr5 V1.3 wind turbine. Not only does it provide our customers with valuable feed-in tariffs, but also gives them additional knowledge and confidence that our turbine has been independently approved by an impartial organisation. The turbine's performance, reliability, acoustics and safety systems have been independently verified to meet the MCS standards that are based around prestigious International and British Standards.

This latest accolade only adds to our already rigorous in-house test and development programme that we apply to all of our products. 

To be the first VAWT and one of a few small wind turbines that have achieved this standard only enforces our approach to be one of the leading small wind turbine companies on the world’.

Malcolm Barnett -Product Development Project Manager
quietrevolution Ltd

Myers Hill test site

The MCS process is designed to provide customers with the confidence that the product they are buying is reliable, well designed and fit for purpose.
Products certificated under the MCS are eligible for the Feed in Tariff’s financial incentives programme.

The qr5 v1.3 and v1.4 underwent testing at the Myers Hill test site owned and operated by TUV NEL - a world-class provider of technical consultancy, research, testing, flow measurement and programme management services.


The certification process for the UK market includes the following tests:

  • Safety and Function
  • Power performance
  • Acoustics
  • Durability test
  • Factory Process Audit
  • Design file and load calculation review

For further information regarding the qr5’s certification contact:

VWT Power Ltd
22 Edison Road
PE27 3LF
United Kingdom
TEL No. +44 (0) 1480 277360
Mobile No. +44(0) 7831 197492
email info@vwtpower.com

Blog http://www.vwtpower.com


quietrevolution are also supplying wind turbines to other markets and we are undertaking testing/ certification as necessary e.g. the Dibt standard for the German market.

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The GPRS modem allows round the clock communication including fault alert, performance data and software upgrades.

Myers Hill test site

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