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With energy prices on the rise, there is a need to focus on renewable technologies. quietrevolution’s aim is to play a leading global role in the local energy revolution by promoting wind turbine solutions and the role they play in helping combat climate change.

Our team has developed an elegant and innovative vertical axis wind turbine. This cutting edge technology has been designed in response to the growing demand for renewable technologies and demonstrates that turbines can be elegant, quiet and a long-term, cost effective solution for generating energy.

quietrevolution also offer landowners and businesses the possibility to earn income though Value for Money turbine installations either as stand alone items or part of a Renewable Energy Distributed System, from the sale of the energy produced by the turbines and the Renewable Energy Distributed System in excess of their own requirements. Whilst, continuing to enjoy increasing returns on their investment over the long term.

For more information please visit: www.vwtpower.com

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At 5.5 metres high and 3.1 metres in diameter, the qr5 is compact and easy to integrate. With just one moving part, maintenance can be limited to an annual inspection.
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