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quietrevolution works with many different architects to facilitate integration of the technology with your designs. You may be looking for an elegant stand-alone renewable energy solution for a large domestic project, or complex building-integrated solution for a regeneration project or tall building: Whatever your needs, we aim to provide high quality support and help. We know how the design process works, and we believe that technical and aesthetic design principles should be completely integrated.

quietrevolution was established in September 2006 and has installed over 190 turbines in the UK and in international markets. We have worked on a range of sites including Network Rail & Sainsbury’s car parks, university and apartment building rooftops, coastal promenades and school playing fields.

You can see some of our work with architects on the gallery page, if you are ready to discuss a particular project ask us to contact you.

There are several points to consider when installing a turbine:

  • How to find the best location for installing a turbine
  • How noisy are the turbines and how close can they be installed to a building?
  • What is the minimum distance required between each turbine on a multiple turbine site?
  • What impact do the turbines have on airport safety systems?

Please contact us for technical information and downloads.

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For images of other installations, see our gallery.
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