hy5 turbine details

The hy5 is a 5kW horizontal axis, small-scale wind turbine. It has been specifically designed to produce energy at a wide range of wind speeds, and operate reliably in the harshest of conditions. There are currently over 100 hy5s in operation in the U.K. and Europe.

With high energy yield, production at low wind speeds, and fast payback times, the hy5 is the ideal turbine for energy users in rural and urban settings. MCS certification ensures that all energy produced is applicable for Feed-in Tariff payment.

About Huaying

Zhejiang Huaying Wind Power Generator Co. Ltd, are a Chinese technology company, specialising in research and production of small and medium scale wind turbines. Huaying are a member of China’s leading industrial corporation, the Tongkun group.

To date over 1000 Huaying wind turbines have been installed across the globe, with installations within North America, Ireland, England, France, and Italy. To ensure quality the ISO9001 system has been implemented across the company.

turbine specification

Physical dimensions Rotor Diameter - 5.6m (24.6m2 swept area)
Mast Height - The hy5 is ground mounted on either a 15m or 18m mast
Generator Permanent magnet directly connected generator
Power BWEA rated power at 11m/s is 4.1 kW, peak power output at 16m/s is 4.7 kW
Annual energy yield 8458 kWh at 5m/s to BWEA standards. Up to 16,068 at 7m/s
Operating wind speeds Cut in at sustained 3.5m/s.
Design life The hy5 has a design life of 20 years
Rotor construction Glass Reinforced Plastics
Power Regulation and shutdown Power regulation begins at wind speeds above 8m/s
Warranty The hy5 has a 5 year parts warranty, with free maintenance for the first 12 months of operation. Extended 10 year warranty option available

N.B. The energy output will vary according to the windspeed.

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