hy5 faqs

The faqs try to cover a large number of questions about the turbine, its dimensions and benefits, what is required for installation and its affects on birds, bats and radar. The topics are split into six categories:

What are the advantages of Huaying turbines?... How do I get a quotation?...answers to these and many more general questions.

What are the dimensions?...How much energy will the hy5 generate in one year?...How is the hy5 power rated?...answers to these and many more technical questions.

What are the dimensions of the hy5?...What are the advantages of quietrevolution turbines?...answers to these and many more hy5 questions.

Installation & maintenance
How many turbines are currently installed?...What is the minimum average windspeed I need?...How can I find out whether my location meets the minimum wind speed requirements?...answers to these and many more installation and maintenance questions.

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